Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Skincare products I love

Hello there! 
I´m showing you some Skincare products
 I believe in and that really worked for me. 

My first product is the What a melon 
Overnight mask by bliss. I use this product 
about once a week or whenever I feel like 
I need some extra moisturizer over night.
 I bought this in October and tried it ever 
since. It lasts very long and you really do
 not need that much product.
 It dries on your skin over night and I do 
have some dried product on my skin in 
the morning, but I love that my bed does
 no get messy at all. I just wash the rest off 
in the morning and my skin feels super
 soft and moisturized. I would recommend
 for any skin type!

I used this Thayers Witch Hazel Toner 
with Cucumber scent the last weeks and 
I´m obsessed. It´s super light on my skin,
 but really cleared up my skin. 
My skin looks more smooth and clear 
than before and I do not think I ever had 
that with a toner! I´m obsessed and I´ll 
definitely buy this again. I would totally 
recommend for sensitive skin with 
blemishes or acne. You can get it at 
Walmart and Target and they also 
have a rose scent one!

I also picked up the Shea Moisture African
 Black Soap some weeks ago after hearing 
a lot of good things about this product.
 I use it at night to clean my face and it 
makes my skin feel very smooth and clean,
 like barely any other soaps did for me. 
It really does make cleaning your face 
super easy and fast- it really did make 
a difference for me. The combination of 
this one and the Witch Hazel Toner 
really cleared my skin up and I´m totally 
going to keep using these! 

My next product might be weird, but it helps.
 It´s not really about Diaper Rash Cream,
 but you can use any Cream that has 
Zinc Oxide to put on blemishes overnight 
and it helps heal very efficiently. 
Zinc cream is used for wounds to heal 
and that's exactly what it does to blemishes
 or pimples. that you want to heal.
 It might not work for everyone but 
it does work for me. The only way to 
find out is to try it!

Another product that helped especially with
 blackheads is the 10% benzoyl peroxide gel.
I put it on my nose and chin area once a day
 and it really cleared up my blackheads after 
a couple of days. I do think that it helps, 
but I would not recommend it for sensitive
 skin because it is very aggressive. 
Sometimes I stop using it for a while, 
because it can dry and irritate the skin 
 a while. If your skin is not sensitive and dry,
 I would recommend though!

This Clarins Paris Treatment Oil helped me
 a lot some years ago. It moisturizes 
and helped me control my blemishes 
and acne. Now I use it probably once a 
week at night and I love it! 
You can definitely use a more affordable
 face oil, but if you can not find anything
 to help control blemishes, this might be 
for you too!

Another thing that helps with making your 
skin more even and especially making your
 Make Up look more smooth is to shave 
your face with eyebrow razors
You obviously  do not have to do it if 
you barely have any facial hair, 
but it does exfoliate your skin and you 
shave the dead skin off. I personally like to 
do it once in a while and it really helps 
smoothing my skin. 

What Skincare products do you love?